Recipes for starters

Get inspiration for what to serve as a first course at your next dinner party here. How about an easy and healthy starter with fish or avocado? Or a delicious soup and some tasty Italian bruschetta? You can find starters to fit any occasion.
Olive Tapenade
A great tapenade recipe, just as they make it in the south of France. Very quick and easy to make.
Avocado Mousse
Avocado mousse is both decorative and an exciting dish which can go with most main courses. Can also be used as a starter and served with some warm bread.
Dates with Bacon
Dates with bacon makes a delicious appetizer or snack and is quite simple to prepare.
Prawn Salad
A really good prawn salad that tastes great on bread for lunch or as a starter. Very easy to make and is a great dish to serve guests and family.
Prawn Cocktail
Popular recipe for a fantastic and fresh prawn cocktail - A classic appetizer, which looks great on every dinner table.
Prawn Cocktail with Pineapple
A good prawn cocktail is a delightful starter. Here is one made with pineapple, red onion and Thousand Island dressing.
Marinated Tiger Prawns
Try these mouthwatering tiger prawns! The garlic and lemon marinade makes the tiger prawns taste really great, giving them a flavor, which is sour, sweet and strong. Leave in the fridge for a couple of hours before servi
Hot Prawns
It is quite simple to make hot prawns with this recipe. Just make the hot sauce by blending together the ingredients and after cooking just add prawns and serve!
Asparagus with Ham
This dish comprises delicious fresh asparagus with some Parma ham. Very simple to make and extremely tasty as well! Ideal as a starter or as a snack to accompany drinks.
Prawn Cocktail with Avocado
You can’t go wrong when serving prawn cocktails as a starter. This classical dish consists amongst other things of avocado and a delicious dressing made with sour cream and honey.
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